Creating moving or static images is a process that can involve one person or a whole army, depending on your project. We love the process of creating ideas and bring them to life. From music videos to personal interviews, social content or television commercials our team can size to your need. Find out more about our production services below:


Our in-house studio has been designed to handle various filming and photography projects. It features a purpose-built 40m2 lightproof space with a range of lighting fixtures, modifiers, grip, and rigging to cover most creative projects. The studio also offers a selection of backdrops and a customisable facade wall to accommodate most briefs, making it a versatile space.


Led by photographer and creative director Alex Lovell-Smith, our photography team specialises in creating visual content that revolves around storytelling. We capture interactions between people and their environments across a wide range of industries and landscapes. Our visuals bring individuals to life, often showcasing or demonstrating the inner workings of an organisation or role.

Video Production

From short features and social media content to music videos and television commercials our production team are masters at planning, organising, and undertaking shoots in any situation. Our in-house team works with clients to research and develop concepts, establish tone, write scripts, storyboard, scout locations, casting actors, create budgets, schedule shoots, and make sure all the paperwork is taken care of. We believe that efficient pre-production lays the groundwork for a smooth production process.

Our team of expert production specialists are spread out across New Zealand. Our network includes directors, producers, production managers, drone operators, cinematographers, sound technicians, gaffers, grips, make-up artists and more.

Depending on the scale and complexity of the project we assemble the team that best fits to ensure our productions hit the mark every time. Post-production is where the magic happens, editing, graphics and effects, working with musicians, sound designers, and colourists all enhance the final product. We collaborate closely with clients to bring their vision to life, delivering engaging and high-quality videos and content.