Aotearoa Gaming Trust

Supporting communities

Design Lead:

Ben Auton

Account Manager:

Katie Slaughter

Video & Photography:

Alex Lovell-Smith

We were privileged to be able to assist The Southern Trust with their decision to rebrand to Aotearoa Gaming Trust. The new brand reflects the future direction of the trust, its values, and the way it continues to grow around Aotearoa New Zealand.

This process started with developing understanding through research and establishing a brand strategy. We provided options and recommendations regarding the move to the new name and full branding across all collateral. The new AGT website provides information on all aspects of the trust and case studies on both venues and funding recipients. 

Our team guided the Aotearoa Gaming Trust team through the rebrand process, ensuring key stakeholder involvement and assisting with the roll out of newly branded materials in 44 venues around the country.

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