City Forests

Over a century-long history of forest cultivation

Creative Director:

Paula Hellyer


Phil McElligott


Alex Lovell-Smith

City Forests is one of New Zealand’s oldest forest companies with over a century-long history of forestry management and cultivation. City Forests owns or manages an extensive 19,920 hectares of production forests spanning over 24,910 hectares of land, all within an 80-kilometer radius of Dunedin.

Our creative team have worked closely with City Forests over the past few years to craft their Annual Reports, including the creation of custom illustrations, graphics, and photography. These visual elements have played an indispensable role in simplifying the intricacies of their operations while capturing the City Forests’ narrative.

This Annual Report underscores the significance of proficient graphic communication in presenting information in an accessible and relatable manner, ultimately supporting a deeper comprehension of the company’s mission and its role in championing responsible forestry and environmental stewardship.

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