Sly Cocktails

Your go-to guy for a cocky on the fly

Strategy :

Katie Slaughter

Lead Designer:

Ben Auton

Creative Director:

Paula Hellyer


Alex Lovell-Smith

Packaging design is a make-or-break game, get it wrong and you're back where you started. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

As a full service agency we helped Dunedin start-up Sly Cocktails with the fundamentals of setting up a brand, understanding their potential customer, researching the market and establishing a sales strategy, and having good financial support. We undertook their brand development, packaging design, copywriting and photography. Our team’s knowledge of the FMCG market and product marketing helped Sly to hit the ground running as soon as their pallets started rolling out.

We helped Sly to develop and test brand names and assisted with the checks and balances required to secure the brand name - Sly Cocktails.

We worked closely with the manufacturer to ensure brand consistency in terms of print quality and colour consistency across box and can. The last piece of the Sly puzzle was making sure that their messaging was as on point as their product: “Your go-to guy for a cocky on the fly”. 

The Sly team are now flying themselves, building a brand, managing their own marketing and looking at their next product line. 

If you need a team that understands product design and marketing from beginning to end - give us a call.

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