Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association: Every Veteran Campaign


Paula Hellyer


Katie Slaughter

Lead Designer:

Lucinda McConnon


Ben Auton

Photography & Video:

Alex Lovell-Smith, Iain Frengley

The NZRSA is one of New Zealand’s most respected organisations. They offer a range of support to veterans of all ages, including advice and guidance, advocacy services and financial support to improve accessibility in accommodation, enable access to mental health services, get medical conditions treated, and ensure that children and whānau of the fallen and injured are looked after.

The RSA’s ability to collect through the annual poppy appeal over the last two years had been severely hampered by the impact of COVID-19. 2022 was an opportunity to reinvigorate their appeal.

This campaign focuses on introducing the donating public to younger veterans and highlighting the types of support they require.

The ‘Every Veteran’ campaign features five veterans, diverse in age, gender, and ethnicity.

The messaging is simple, direct and honest, highlighting the change in the profile of veterans with a strong call to action and includes the universally recognisable symbol - the poppy. This creative was applied consistently across all paid media channels including print, radio, television, outdoor and digital. The campaign was supported by a programme of social media posts and Media/PR activity, including providing support materials to over 180 RSA's around Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Charitable giving is a competitive market - now more than ever. New Zealanders donate to the RSA out of habit, connection, patriotism, and remembrance. Previous campaigns have been transactional, and the RSA wanted donors to have more of a connection to the cause. By actively telling the story of the next generation of veterans - to the next generation of donors, we delivered a successful campaign that has provided a springboard for future activities.

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