Otago Regional Council

Water, land, air, public transport and emergency management

Creative Director:

Paula Hellyer

Lead Designer:

Lucinda McConnon


Alex Lovell-Smith

Video Production:

Alex Lovell-Smith & Paula Hellyer

We provide an array of production services to the Otago Regional Council, to support their internal marketing and communication teams.

From designing their Long-term Plan consultation documentation and associated advertising campaign, to video production of their work in the field, it’s been our role to support the ORC and tell the story of their management of Otago’s water, land, and air resources.

Key projects include design of the Long-term Plan, videography of their field staff, instructional videos, field photography, communication support and media planning and digital campaigns.

We support their work by developing both tangible and digital assets to communicate to over 90,000 households in the Otago region.

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