Regional Economic Development & Investment Unit

Creative Director and Project Lead:

Paula Hellyer

Brand Designer:

Lucinda McConnon

Lead Designer:

Ben Auton

Web Design:

Ben Auton & Core Development

Photography and Videography:

Alex Lovell-Smith

Floods are the most frequent natural hazard that we as a country experience. Aotearoa New Zealand’s river management and flood protection schemes are the reason that many of us do not face the full consequences of these damaging flood events.

Through the COVID-19 Recovery and Response Fund, Kānoa - the Regional Economic Development & Investment Unit invested over $200 million dollars in July 2020 to support regional councils to protect communities, so that they are better able to cope with the impact of extreme weather events.

Working alongside the Otago Regional Council, the New Zealand River Managers Special Interest Group and Kānoa - the Regional Economic Development & Investment Unit, our team were tasked with developing a communications strategy to lead activities over the next year. We have also developed a brand identity for the community and will be rolling out a range of activities in 2022 to support the river managers in their important work to protect New Zealanders and their property.

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